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Don't forget these...

Basic Open Water consists of three phases:

  • Academics
  • Confined Water (Pool)
  • Open Water Checkout


The Academic phase consists of eLearning and an academic review. The eLearning generally takes 2-3 days to complete (depending on the individual). After the eLearning has been completed, we do an academic review at the shop. This is also a good time to work with your instructor to purchase your Mask, Fins, & Wetsuit. This usually takes about 1-2hrs.


Once the academic phase is complete, we proceed to the Confined Water (Pool) phase. While it is possible to complete the Confined Water (Pool) phase in a single session, it largely depends on completing all required skills and individual comfort (you or your instructor may request an additional session).  Traditionally, we suggest two pool sessions and pool session run 3-4hrs.


Once the Academic and Confined Water phases have been successfully completed, we can move to the Open Water Checkout phase. The Open Water Checkout Phase consists of four dives and must be completed over two separate days (multiple dives each day). There are several options for this phase:

  • Visit us in Palm Beach, where we have a full-time team, ready to take you on four beautiful shore and/or boat dives in warm tropical waters. 
  • Complete your Checkout Dives in a  local quarry (Seasonal Spring-Fall). While not as beautiful as Palm Beach, you can complete your dive locally.
  • Complete your Checkout Dives with another organization while on vacation/travel (we provide a referral letter for your next instructor, similar to a transcript). 






Academics (eLearning)


Self-Paced @ Home

Academic Review


Kent Island Scuba

Confined Water Dives (Pool)



Open Water Checkout (1 &2)


Kent Island Dive Boat

Open Water Checkout (3 & 4)


Kent Island Dive Boat




Course Cost:


Partial ($350)

  1. Academics (eLearning – self paced)
  2. Academic Review (face-to-face review – 1hr)
  3. Confined Water (Pool Skills): Typically 1-2 trips to the pool (~4hrs-6hrs)


Checkout Dives (see options)

  • Option 1. Local Checkout on our Dive Boat ($250)
  • Option 2. Checkout with us in Palm Beach ($250)
  • Option 3. You checkout with another organization while on travel, etc…


Full Certification ($600)

  • Academic, Confined, & Open Water Checkout Dives… ($650 All Included)


Kent Island Scuba Boat Fees

Charter Cost is $99 + (crew tip) *** you will need 2x trips to complete open water checkout dives)



What's included:

  • Academics
  • Confined Water Dives
  • Open Water Checkout Dives
  • Rental Dive Gear (BCD, Regulator(s), Weights, etc...)


What's not included:

  • Personal Dive Gear (Mask & Fins)
  • Wetsuits (We do not provide rental suits for sanitary purposes)


Additional Info:

  • Students always seem to have more fun if the do it with a friend or family member so consider doing it with a buddy.
  • We offer classes every week, so you can start anytime
  • If you already have a trip planned, please allow plenty of time for schedule conflicts, life events, holidays, weather issues, etc...
  • It counts for college credit!!!